EcoAlly Lights 4 Learning

At EcoAlly we are dedicated to giving back to communities across the UK and beyond. Our Lights 4 Learning foundation is an important part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

EcoAlly’s Lights 4 Learning turns your carbon savings directly into improved lighting for schools.
It could hardly be simpler.

For every watt a new customer saves by switching to an EcoAlly LED lighting solution, we donate 1000 watts of clean energy to a school. It’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and benefit schools in your area.

Not only do you save money and reduce your impact on the environment, you also enhance the learning environment for school children.

“LED lighting provides an incredible opportunity for schools. Switching to LEDs in one classroom equates to energy savings of 50%, or £9,000 over five years, which can be reinvested to enhance the student learning experience.”

Thanks to the support and commitment of our customers, our foundation is benefiting hundreds of school children right now.

To be part of this exciting initiative and benefit schools in your areas, contact us today.