• This product has good explosion-proof function, suitable for various inflammable and explosive places, mainly used in railway, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, steel, aviation, ship, etc. Efficient lighting in factories, stations, large facilities, venus and other places.
  • The lamp body is made of aluminium alloy by die casting. The surface of the lamp is sprayed with high voltage electrostatic. The exposed fastener is stainless steel with high anti-corrosive performance. The whole lamp has excellent anti-corrosive performance.
  • High-strength transparent cover, high light transmission, impact resistance, unique anti-glare design, with optical reflector cup, high reflection efficiency.
  • The explosion-proof structure designed in accordance with the national explosion-proof standard GB3836 has reliable explosion-proof performance, long life, special constant current power supply, low power consumption, constant output power meter, high temperature and aging resistant silica gel sealing ring, and high protection grade.
  • Adopts the international first-line brand light source chip, unidirectional luminescence, no side light, high light utilization rate, high light efficiency, high display finger, with open circuit, short circuit, overheat protection function. Ensures the reliable and continuous operation of light source, wide voltage input, constant light flux output, instantaneous start-up.
  • Unique heat dissipation structure design, excellent and reliable heat dissipation performance, ensure the long life and reliable use of lamps.
  • Cable wiring, fast and convenient.
Rated voltage AC220V
CCT 3000-6500K
CRI ≥70
Beam angle 15°/25°/26°/45°/60°/90°/120°
Lumen per Watt 120lm/W
Anticorrosion grade WF2
Base specifications CREE 3030
Start-up time ≤0.2s
Lifespan 100,000hrs
Explosion proof grade ExdembIICT6
Executive standard GB3836.1, GB3836.2
Power factor >0.95
Technical Information