1. Book your survey

Are you looking to get a FREE survey carried out on an existing lighting system in a warehouse, factory or similar large commercial/industrial building?

2. Audit

Our onsite surveys will record your existing lighting, operating hours and electricity costs leading to a detailed report, which will:

  • Tell you exactly how much the current lighting system costs on a monthly/annual basis
  • Establish if your present lighting is suitable
  • Inform you if areas are over/under lit
  • Establish the best energy saving lighting technology for your needs
  • Identify any issues or specialist equipment needed for the installation of new lighting

3. Free Trial

Are you a business interested in receiving a FREE trial of energy saving lighting for a warehouse, factory or similar commercial/industrial building?Our trial will allow you to:

  • Check light quality from proposed fixtures – see improvements in light quality, distribution and a comparison with old lights
  • Check lighting output & energy claims – confirm energy consumption and lighting lux levels for yourself
  • Make a stronger business case – get members of staff on-site who may be sceptical about the capabilities of energy saving lighting solutions

4. Contract Signing and Change Over Process

Once proven, we will be able to provide replacement for all energy inefficient products

5. After Sales Support

EcoAlly provides each client with an account manager who will provide you with a quarterly report detailing your usage and cost