Expertise Industrial Services

Expertise Industrial Services saves 70% on energy bills with EcoAlly The problem Expertise Industrial Services is a leading provider of industrial support services to the petrochemical and construction sectors. It wanted to improve its ‘green’ credentials by taking advantage of LED lighting in its offices. Furthermore, its existing 50-watt halogen lamps were costly to run, required high levels of maintenance…

Sabic Office

Sabic reduces carbon footprint by 465,359 (kWh) p.a. with EcoAlly The problem Sabic, an iron and steel company based in Saudi Arabia, wanted to reduce its carbon footprint and improve the working environment for its employees. All the offices had excessive florescent lighting, which produced too much glare on the computers and flickering screens. Furthermore, the lighting incurred huge maintenance…

Maaden Outdoors

Ma’aden Labor Camp saves 70% on power with EcoAlly The problem Ma’aden Labor Camp is situated in a remote location. It faced the challenge of how to install and maintain the outdoor lighting with minimal disruption to its camp environment. The solution After initial discussions about the benefits of LED lighting, and undertaking and efficiency survey, we decided to install…

Tamimi Global Company Outdoors

Tamimi Global Company reduces its energy consumption by 17,280 kWh/year with EcoAlly The problem Tamimi Group of Companies consists of some 30 companies, and wanted to replace its halogen lamps to improve the lighting in its outdoor areas, while reducing its energy consumption and lowering maintenance costs. The solution To replace the 250-watt halogen floodlights in the outdoor areas of…

Tamimi Offices

Tamimi Global Company reduces its carbon footprint by 30,240 (kWh) p.a with EcoAlly The problem Tamimi Group of Companies consists of some 30 companies and wanted to improve the internal lighting within its office. With employees accessing the office at all hours of the day and night, the company is concerned about people’s safety and feels it necessary to keep…

Research and Development

Our commitment to research and development keeps moving us forward

EcoAlly isn’t just an LED lighting supplier. We are a lighting pioneer. Our global Research and Development (R&D) team of engineering professionals is continually developing and testing the latest innovation in LED lighting.

Around 20% of our workforce is dedicated to R&D. These are qualified electrical engineers who understand not just lighting technology, but how it integrates with the other technologies in our lives.

At present, our team – based in the UK, Middle East and China – is working on exciting new developments in:

  • Automating Bluetooth controls
  • Organic LED (OLED)
  • Daylight harvesting
  • and much more

While the team is focused on new technology, we never forget to look back and integrate innovation with existing technology. That’s why EcoAlly’s new products are compatible with those of other manufacturers, such as Philips.

We take a very pragmatic approach to the advanced lighting solutions that we develop. We know that you need our solutions to work with – not replace – systems that you might currently have in place. That keeps us grounded.

You can be sure that all our innovations meet rigorous standards demanded by the lighting industry. Every EcoAlly product is tested by a third party and certification is awarded before we launch it to the market.

See what EcoAlly’s innovation in lighting can do for your business with a FREE site survey.

Free lighting efficiency surveys

EcoAlly offers free lighting efficiency surveys to celebrate UK launch

ecoAlly Limited have selected the UK as their global headquarters. Specialising in LEDs, the sustainable lighting consultancy comprises of three key business areas:
EcoAlly R&D:

Committed towards the innovation and improvement
EcoAlly Foundation:

Free LED lighting to local schools, supporting children’s learning
EcoAlly Education:

Support and education the market about LED lighting

Established in 2012, EcoAlly is a family run business with strong ties in the Middle East through two exclusive partner channels. We have access to advanced LED lighting manufacturing facilities and our design team enables architects to take advantage of innovative software to create professional lighting design.

Furthermore, the company has access to advanced LED lighting manufacturing facilities, which use auto soldering and SMT machines as well as electrical testing devices, such as integrating spheres and distribution photometers.

For the UK market, EcoAlly offers a range of 75 LED lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor use on small to medium to large-scale projects, available to facilities managers, as well as DIY and electrical retailers. All EcoAlly’s products carry CE certification and are RoHS compliant. In addition, the company is supporting local schools by offering free LED lighting solutions.

Speaking about the company’s UK launch, EcoAlly said, “We are excited about the opportunity to share our skills, knowledge, and expertise for large-scale projects in the UK. We believe that our superior quality LED products will enjoy ever-greater adoption in the UK market because they offer energy savings of up to 80%, significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint and last for up to 50,000 hours.

“For a school, this presents an incredible opportunity. To switch the light bulbs to LEDs in just one classroom could see energy savings of 50%, which equates to £9,000 over five years. These savings can then be invested in other areas and enhance the student learning experience. However, LED lighting isn’t just about saving money, it is about creating a better working environment, LEDs actually promote better brain function to keep students more awake and alert.”

To celebrate its launch in the UK, EcoAlly is offering a free efficiency survey to organisations that want to realise the benefits that LED lighting has to offer. To find out more and register your interest, please click here.

EcoAlly Lights 4 Learning

At EcoAlly we are dedicated to giving back to communities across the UK and beyond. Our Lights 4 Learning foundation is an important part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

EcoAlly’s Lights 4 Learning turns your carbon savings directly into improved lighting for schools.
It could hardly be simpler.

For every watt a new customer saves by switching to an EcoAlly LED lighting solution, we donate 1000 watts of clean energy to a school. It’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and benefit schools in your area.

Not only do you save money and reduce your impact on the environment, you also enhance the learning environment for school children.

“LED lighting provides an incredible opportunity for schools. Switching to LEDs in one classroom equates to energy savings of 50%, or £9,000 over five years, which can be reinvested to enhance the student learning experience.”

Thanks to the support and commitment of our customers, our foundation is benefiting hundreds of school children right now.

To be part of this exciting initiative and benefit schools in your areas, contact us today.