The EcoAlly Architectural Lighting gives a possibility of light control in individual work stations, conference rooms and office spaces. The light intensity inside a building (including the level of daylight) is kept constant ensuring the comfort of work and significant energy savings. Depending on the individual requirements of the user, the colour temperature (tunable white) and light intensity level can be easily regulated. The room illumination can quickly change to adjust lighting to the currently performed tasks.

Moreover, depending on the presence and movement of people in the oom/corridor, the luminaires can autoadjust by smooth dimming or rightening (including switching on and off). They can also cooperate with other devices in the room like air conditioners, blinds and audiovisuals. The EcoAlly Architectural Lighting allows you to integrate lighting system management on large areas, for example whole floors, buildings or even a complex of buildings by using daily/monthly/yearly advanced algorithms.