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Expertise Industrial Services

Expertise Industrial Services saves 70% on energy bills with EcoAlly The problem Expertise Industrial Services is a leading provider of industrial support services to the petrochemical and construction sectors. It wanted to improve its ‘green’ credentials by taking advantage of LED lighting in its offices. Furthermore, its existing 50-watt halogen lamps were costly to run, […]

Sabic Office

Sabic reduces carbon footprint by 465,359 (kWh) p.a. with EcoAlly The problem Sabic, an iron and steel company based in Saudi Arabia, wanted to reduce its carbon footprint and improve the working environment for its employees. All the offices had excessive florescent lighting, which produced too much glare on the computers and flickering screens. Furthermore, […]

Maaden Outdoors

Ma’aden Labor Camp saves 70% on power with EcoAlly The problem Ma’aden Labor Camp is situated in a remote location. It faced the challenge of how to install and maintain the outdoor lighting with minimal disruption to its camp environment. The solution After initial discussions about the benefits of LED lighting, and undertaking and efficiency […]

Tamimi Global Company Outdoors

Tamimi Global Company reduces its energy consumption by 17,280 kWh/year with EcoAlly The problem Tamimi Group of Companies consists of some 30 companies, and wanted to replace its halogen lamps to improve the lighting in its outdoor areas, while reducing its energy consumption and lowering maintenance costs. The solution To replace the 250-watt halogen floodlights […]

Tamimi Offices

Tamimi Global Company reduces its carbon footprint by 30,240 (kWh) p.a with EcoAlly The problem Tamimi Group of Companies consists of some 30 companies and wanted to improve the internal lighting within its office. With employees accessing the office at all hours of the day and night, the company is concerned about people’s safety and […]

Research and Development

EcoAlly isn’t just an LED lighting supplier. We are a lighting pioneer. Our global Research and Development (R&D) team of engineering professionals is continually

EcoAlly Lights 4 Learning

At EcoAlly we are dedicated to giving back to communities across the UK and beyond. Our Lights 4 Learning foundation is an important part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility.